The Strong Arm

Ladder Safety Device


A new product that is practical, economical and will improve ladder safety on your job site.  It has tremendous potential to limit accidents where the use of extension ladders is required. 


  • It absolutely improves ladder safety from the

             minute you hook it up

  • Reduces lost days due to ladder injuries
  • Prevention of possible serious injuries
  • Reduction in potential law suits
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased worker safety
  • Possibly even save lives.

This !

Not This !

  Strong arm brackets are easily installed by:   


When in position on your ladder, pull the push-through-pins out and slide the u-bracket over the outside rail of the ladder, then inserting the push-thru pins. 


Extend the arms to any horizontal, vertical or sloping surface and fasten mounting plate with nails or screws.


To complete installation, snug up the turnbuckles thus securing the ladder.

This entire process should take approximately 3 minutes. 

Sample Installations



      Buy Direct   $95.00 / set plus shipping and handling 

      Buy 1 Set   -   $95
      Buy 2 Sets - $190
      Buy 3 Sets - $285
      Buy 4 Sets - $380


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Scott Moore, the inventor of the Strong Arm Ladder Safety Device, is pleased to introduce to you a new product that is practical, economical and will improve ladder safety on your job site.  It has tremendous potential to limit accidents on any job site where the use of extension ladders are required.  

As you start to use your Strong Arm Ladder Safety Device you’ll find more and more reasons why you’re glad you own one!
Here are a few words from the inventor, Scott Moore:
“I have been using the Strong Arm on my job sites since I patented the product a few years ago.  I can tell you from my own experience using the Strong Arm, that I am amazed at how well it performs, how simple to use and how versatile it is and I was able to utilize extension ladders in ways you never that possible.  This product is an absolute must for any contractors that use extension ladders in stationary positions for an extended period of time.  If you are a contractor with employees out on the job, using this product should be a “no-brainer”.    From my experience, use of the Strong Arm improves worker safety and productivity. 

The product is very simple and easy to use.    This can be accomplished in approximately three minutes:
Simply extend turnbuckle arms before you go up the ladder “Beware not to over extend the turnbuckle arms as this could cause the Strong Arm to work improperly”.  This will allow you to tighten the turnbuckle to snug up the ladder once the unit is fastened in place.
When in position on your ladder, pull the push through pins out and slide the U bracket over ladder rail and replace pins.
Swing the arms in position and fasten mounting plate with screws or nails
Final step, tighten the turnbuckle until ladder is snug
If you are fastening the mounting plate to a facia that is covered with a product such as aluminum you simply caulk the screw holes left in the facia trim and they will be invisible from the ground.  There are many different colors of caulking which are sufficient for this process.  If you are mounting to an existing asphalt roof, just lift up the shingle the same as you would when using a roof jack, etc.  If you have to mount the Strong Arm to an existing metal roof, you can easily seal the holes with the metal roofing screws.”

I have sold a number of units to contractors in Pennsylvania, North and South Carolina, Vermont and Florida and we have gotten all positive feedback from both the consumers and contractors.  In closing, I could say that for the reasons listed above and for the small cost versus enormous benefits, the Strong Arm Ladder Safely Device should be a part of every contractors tool box.
Scott Moore, President Strong Arm Ladder Security Company, LLC

“Strong Arm Ladder  has improved safety at my workplace.  It enables me to be more confident going up and down ladders."

- Bob Bush, Carpenter
Mohawk, New York 

“Using the Strong Arm Ladder brace, I feel safer than ever before...” 

- Stephen Smith, Carpenter
Little Falls, New York 

“The feeling of security.... is amazing and well worth the price. It is simple to use... I have highly recommended your product to other contractors...”

- William Bailey, Contractor
Dolgeville, New York